How can 'coaching' help YOU?

How does the coaching relationship process work?

Many things get in the way of us succeeding at making meaningful changes in our lives.  Often, this is due to a lack of confidence, personal emotional baggage or just simply that we have run out of ideas.  Coaching conversations seek to find out what is important to the client and which direction they want to go, build up enthusiasm, banish self defeating beliefs and plan the next steps. 

Caution - if you do not want to change your life, do not embark on this process.

First and foremost you need to be committed to making this change in your life.  This won't work if you are not committed!

Secondly, you commit to an initial series of six fortnightly discussions meeting face to face, over the phone or Skype.  It is up to you.  Don't worry, I can give you a FREE coaching 'taster' session first so that you can get a sense of how coaching is done before you commit.  If coaching is not for you then there is no problem and no obligation to take it further.

Thirdly, each session is focused on getting you to commit to doing something fundamental in your personal change process.  At the start of each session we explore progress and investigate what is next for you.

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